Byron – Great Furniture with a great story

Byron dining and occasional furniture is now 10% off until 31st August 2019. Made from 100% acacia wood, Byron is eco friendly. Acacia wood is fast growing so harvesting it for furniture has minimal impact on the environment as it grows back within a year or so. Compare this with the decades that it takes for other hardwood trees such as beech or oak and you can see why Acacia is an excellent choice for eco-furniture.

Acacia is strong and resistant to wear and tear, making it more robust and less prone to damage compared with other wood furniture. As well as its durability, acacia wood is also a beautiful wood. The Byron range shows off the natural colours of acacia wood, from browns to pinks. Because of the natural colour and grain, no two pieces of Byron are exactly the same. There can be subtle colour difference in different pieces of Byron furniture. With that said, it is still a stunning piece of furniture with a great eco-friendly story behind. Your friends will not help but be impressed when they come round and see the Byron range.

AIS Gold Standard Award Winners 2019


Congratulations to the Furniture Link team who won the AIS Gold Standard Award 2019 as voted by AIS customers. It was fantastic to have our hard work recognised in this way. If you missed the show and would like to see examples of our products you can make an appointment to visit our Telford showroom or make an appointment for our show van to visit you. Email or call for more information.