NEW Nexus Modular Sofa

The Nexus Modular Sofa is your sofa, your way. We sell the individual components, you buy them and put them together to fit your living space. Some rooms are only big enough to have 2 seats one side and 1 seat the other. If that is the case the Nexus is for you. Fancy having the 2 seats on the other side? No problem. Simply take it apart and put it together in the way to suit you.

The configurations for this sofa are seemingly endless, only dependent on budget and space. Don’t want a corner? Well buy 2 ends and have a 2 seater sofa. Stick a section in and make it a 3. Add another section for a 4 seater. For the finishing touches, add in a drinks console with lift-up lid for remote control storage or 2 for cinema-style seating. Have a chaise one end and a recliner the other. In theory you could make a circular sofa if you wanted, leave a gap though or you will have to be climbing over the back to sit down.

Made from 100% polyester fabric, this two shades of grey sofa is perfect for the modern home. There is even a matching armchair. Besides all that, it is great for lumbar support too.

In stock now so get planning!